Luanda, Angola


Luanda is the capital and the largest city of Angola. It is also the country’s the most populous and important city. Luanda is located on the Angola’s Atlantic Coast with a population of more than six million people.

Major Attractions:

  • Saint Michael Fortress- This fortress was built in 1576 by Angola’s first Captain Governor, has the most beautiful ornate wall tiles and displays plenty of other important ancient pieces.
  • The National Museum of Slavery- A small white building along the coast of city, was used earlier as the site where slaves were baptized before sending them to US.
  • Sangano Beach- 100 kilometers South Luanda, the Sangano Beach is the best beach to chill around.


  • Thomson House Hotel- Beachfront hotel located in Ilha Do Cabo is the 3-star hotel in Luanda.
  • Luna Hotel- 3-star hotel in Vila Alice, this hotel offers various services like Restaurant, Lounge and a Fitness Center.
  • Hotel Presidente- A 4-star hotel in the Fevereiro with amazing views and excellent services.


  • Pimm’s- The best place to eat European and Portuguese food in Luanda city.
  • Chill Out- Rua Mortala Mohamed is famous for this International, Mediterranean and European restaurant.
  • Restaurante Recantos- This restaurant is located in Liga Africana and is famous for its European and Portuguese cuisines.


  • Cabidela- Chicken served with vinegar, tomatoes, garlic and onion.
  • Caldeirada- goat meat is served with rice, this is a traditional food of Angolan Independence day.
  • Calulu- In this dish you will find dried fish with vegetables, tomatoes, okra, sweet potatoes and lots more.

Travel Info:

The climate in Luanda is greatly influenced by the Benguela current. Here the temperature remains stable almost throughout the year.

Get around in Luanda either by a minibus, taxi, or by car.