Luanda, Angola


City overview

Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Angola. Angola city is considered to be the productive and resourceful city because of its industrial, urban and Cultural Centre and its port Centre from where transportation of goods and services are exported and imported. Recently according to the “cost of living” ranking by mercer’s report. Luanda is the most expensive city in the world, way more ahead than countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich etc.

Luanda city generally has warm climate and things which attract the most about the city are sky scraper buildings and wide passages across the city. Talking about the economical and infrastructural aspects, due to the existence of 21st century, there has been immense growth in terms of construction as foreign companies showed their desire to invest the larger amount of money in cities offices due to the peace and stability that are prevailing in the city. The Government of Luanda expanded their investment to make the city smarter by building flats and eradicated old and dilapidated building and done extensive construction as well to provide six-lane highways and lay emphasis on the proliferation of railway construction and increased inflow of airlines.

Visiting place

  • National Museum of slavery- Slaves were kept here before taking them off to the Americas and canons and chapel are the centers of attraction here.
  • National Museum of history- Here countless species of animals are worth seeing like species of fish, birds, and animals.
  • National Museum of Anthropology-This museum reflects the image of a traditional period and the impressive materials of old era i.e, weaponry, clothing, jewelry and musical instruments. 

Sports city

Angola city is renowned for playing games and two games are extensively played here and had a remarkable history of success as well in both the games.

  • Basketball and football are the games that are widely popular in this city and are also the most preferable sport of this city.
  • On weekends there are certainly very higher chances of locals playing football in the street and wriggle through the gaps of city alleys.
  • Beach volleyball, karate and judo, kite surfing and skating are also other games that people of here are inclined to.